The Audio Air Force will present “Super Hero Night…with Little Orphan Annie…”

Friday Jan. 19 at 7pm

Auditions Jan. 8 and 10; 6-8:30pm

Downtown Lansing Library – Corner of Kalamazoo and Capitol / auditorium

Rehearsals: Jan 16 (cast read through) at 6pm

Rehearsal – Jan 17 and 18 at 6pm  (all rehearsals at the downtown Lansing library beginning at 6pm)


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The Audio Air Force is a theatrical organization dedicated to the creation of original material for presentation on the Radio, Internet, CD or whatever audio venues are appropriate. Programs will be produced both in studio and live on stage at venues.

As an organization there is an emphasis on preserving the history of Radio Theatre as we work to create Audio Theatre’s present. To this we will also include recreations or re-imagining of Classic Radio program

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Here are some of the productions we’ve done: