The Radio Version of “Adam’s Rib”

Hannah Community Center

Abbott St. – East Lansing

Sept. 23, 2022 at 7pm

Tickets $10 at the door (general admission) or online in advance at

(Online tickets $10 plus handling fee)


Here is the cast that is featured:
AAF Announcer – Bruce Bennett
The Little Women:
JO, the tomboy / Rachel Mender
BETH, the youngest, very shy / Judith Evans
MEG, the eldest / Angie Dill
AMY, very status-conscious Patti Spinner
The Rest of the Cast for Little Women:
HANNAH – Hollie Lane
MARMEE – Paige Dunckel
AUNT MARCH – Maria Cook
LAURIE, the boy next door / Jeff Kennedy
JOHN BROOKE – Steve Ledyard
MR. LAURENCE – Bob Robinson
MRS. GARDINER – Hollie Lane
SALLIE – Angie Dill
SERVANT – Mark Chamberlain
2ND SERVANT – Paige Dunckel
Spoof Commercials Announcer – Tracey Dolinar
Checkpoint Charlie Commercial
Kid – Tom Cantrell
Man – Mark Chamberlain
Woman – Hollie Lane
Mom – Rachel Mender
Music – Chuck Krafft
Web & Promotion – Hollie Lane
Production – Dave Downing

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Before the ‘pandemic’ our “home” is the Robin Theatre, located at 1105 S. Washington in REO Town Lansing.

Updates on the Audio Air Force “Facebook” page. More information … info (at)

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The Audio Air Force is a theatrical organization dedicated to the creation of original material for presentation on the Radio, Internet, CD or whatever audio venues are appropriate. Programs will be produced both in studio and live on stage at venues.

As an organization there is an emphasis on preserving the history of Radio Theatre as we work to create Audio Theatre’s present. To this we will also include recreations or re-imagining of Classic Radio program

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Here are some of the productions we’ve done: