**Audition Date Change**

Due to scheduling conflicts the dates of the auditions are changed to June 10 & 12.

They will take place at the Downeaster Theatre, 1120 N. Pennsylvania, Lansing beginning at 6:30pm

Sorry for any inconvenience

The June Show will be essentially be a night dedicated to Westerns

We be using the first radio scripts for the classics “Gunsmoke” and “The Lone Ranger”

We will also continue with episode 10 of 11 total of “Superman – Batman’s Great Mystery”


Auditions: June 10 and 11, beginning at 6:30pm at a location TBD

Rehearsals will be June 17, 18, 19, 20 at the Downeaster starting at 6:30pm

Performance will be at The Robin Theatre, 1120 S. Washington, REO Town Lansing (one performance)

Series: Superman
Show: “Batman’s Great Mystery” Chapter 10
Date: Feb 16 1948
Narrator, a commanding voice
Clark Kent/Superman
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Dick Grayson/Robin
Jones, the suave villain
Ed, the Batman impersonator
Old Farmer Hemple, a weather-beaten New Englander
Old Farmer Hoffmeyer, even more weather-beaten

Gunsmoke- Start of a Legend
April, 1952
Matt Dillon
Mr. Hightower
Chester Wesley Proudfoot
Peter Ziegler (the Dutchman)
Dr. Charles Adams
Boy (12 years old)
Adam Richards
Francine Richards
Mrs. Bonney

The Lone Ranger
Jan. 1933

Jeb – a rancher
Cal – a neighbor
Jerimy – a gambler

*There are a few other character voices needed for material being presented between the above segments

Thank you for supporting community theater – especially our slightly different version of it…

The Audio Air Force recently became a member of the Community Theater Association of Michigan. In their latest newsletter they wrote a nice article about us…


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Our “home” is the Robin Theatre, located at 1105 S. Washington in REO Town Lansing.

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The Audio Air Force is a theatrical organization dedicated to the creation of original material for presentation on the Radio, Internet, CD or whatever audio venues are appropriate. Programs will be produced both in studio and live on stage at venues.

As an organization there is an emphasis on preserving the history of Radio Theatre as we work to create Audio Theatre’s present. To this we will also include recreations or re-imagining of Classic Radio program

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