What is Audio Theater?

Think of the concept “Theatre of the Mind”. Sounds, words and also music combine to paint a picture of the story in your mind. Everyone who listens will hear the same things, but each person has their own interpretation of what it looks like.
For example, in a production you may hear a door opening. To one person it is a big door, to someone else it is small, or even an old wooden door. Everyone heard the same sound but each person painted their own picture in their mind.


What Will be Produced?

Classic stories from the golden days of radio and productions of original material, written just for audio theatre presentation.
This will encompass comedy, drama, mystery, action adventure and perhaps even musicals.

What will it look like?
Audio Theatre in front of a live audience used to be commonplace. It will be different than any other kind of stage play you’ve seen. Actors deliver lines at microphones. A sound effects crew will handle noises like footsteps, water pouring, opening doors, etc) There will be people in charge of the music to set the mood or transition from one scene in the production to another.
The actual story is ‘shown’ in the theatre of the mind of the listener. It will be a unique image for each and every person.